Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One of A Kind Christmas Show - News

Just to update. I made the very sad and hard choice to give up my booth for the Christmas One Of A Kind Show. I had some health issues that put me behind to the point of panic and i decided it's be much better to have a great booth at the spring show than a mediocre booth for Xmas. I pride myself on doing interesting and non mass produced stuff and it wouldn't have done the show nor my clients any good to show up with product that I'd thrown together. I decided it'd be best if i gave my body a wee rest from the stress of show production mode and have been focused on preparing for spring and doing commissions. So, i hope to see you all in April where i will have new and exciting products. I'm still available for commissions as usual and I may do a one day studio sale in mid December if i find there are stuff that makes sense for Xmas. Check my website and here for details in the next week or two.

There are lots of great folks at the OOAK show! Check out Floyd Elzinga. He does beautiful and fantastic metalwork. Also Yasmine Louis Textile Printing has terrific clothes and pillows, I use Honey Pie herbals "Working Hands" soap every day at the shop. Best gentle hand cleaner i've tried. And of course, that crazy good chocolate bark stuff!!
Buy Tickets here. it's $2 cheaper than at the door i think.