Monday, October 19, 2009

RIP Nancy Spero

Nancy Spero passed away this weekend. She was an amazing activist and artist. When I was young and seeking out women artists as role models, looking at her work around the representation of women was a huge deal for my young self.

Read about her here

Thursday, October 1, 2009

BioDiesel envy

I've been on a big cleaning kick in the studio which has been good and bad. Good because i've been using recycled everything for new pieces instead of throwing out stuff that can have another life. Bad because i had another Buddhist cleaning/guilt bing a few months ago and threw out a lot of stuff i could have used. So lesson learned. Purge but also store and organize to be used later. I had a few of the new pieces at the Queen West Art Crawl a few weekends back but i'll find a photo to post as well.
I'm hoping one day the Lucky 7 Steel truck can grow into being a Bio diesel. There's a Bio Diesel gas station on Queen st East now in Toronto so it's more possible.
In the meantime, i read and research.
check out this link:
Daryl Hannah and Ed Begley, Jr. talk sustainable fuel

Sustainable design

Or...Design for the Other 90%.

Awhile back i saw Paul Polak speak about his book "Out of Poverty" at OCAD and became very interested in the idea of designing stuff that actually allows people to help themselves instead of the short term, expensive and non sustainable design.
Some of the designs his team made cost only a few dollars and help people to get their farms going and take care of their families without relying on the government or anyone else for help.
have a look at some of these great ideas by checking out the links below:

Paul Polak

D-Rev:Design for the Other 90%