Monday, September 21, 2009

Post Queen West Art Crawl

Just wanted to say thank to everyone that stopped by my booth this weekend! It was a great weekend (who could ask for better weather!) and i got lots of great feedback from new and old clients and friends. I'm recovering from the move out today (ouch!) but will be back in the studio tomorrow sorting out all my commission requests before i start with my One of A Kind Christmas Show thinking next week. Can't believe how soon it is coming up!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Queen West Art Crawl this weekend

Lucky 7 Steel at Queen West Art Crawl:
Sat Sept 19th and 20th. 11am-6pm"

One day before show

Well, the studio looks like a bomb went off, there is product occupying every available space and i'm too tired to make anything else!
Tomorrow we pack everything up and figure out how to take it down again and bring it all back the next day!
Curious to see how people respond to the new stuff. I think the direction of the work will change a lot for the Xmas One of A Kind.
For tonight it's laundry and Law and Order!